Become a Partner With Ambient Digital

                Ambient Digital is the first adnetwork which used pop-up ads in the Philippines. It originated from Vietnam in 2010 and they brought it here in the Philippines in 2012. It is the number one adnetwork in the said country. It also plans to expand its business throughout Asia. As of now, Ambient Digital Philippines has more than 500 website partners, including GMAnetwork.com, Inquirer.com, Spot.ph and other premium sites. Its primary focus is to get clients so they can continually provide ads with their publishers. If you will visit itswebsite you will see that it had been a partner to big brands or companies. If you are a blogger you must focus your content and traffic if you want to be accepted as Ambient’s partner.

      What is good about Ambient Digital is, it does not ask for a big space of your blog to display its ads. The blogger has choices as to the size of pop-up ads he wants to appear in his blog.  This is not very intrusive because after the pop-up ads appear for seconds, it will automatically disappear. The viewer also has an option to close it if they want.

  To join Ambient Digital, you need two thousand views per day. But don’t worry, they are not strict about that numbers. If you think that your blog has quality or good contents, apply with it and there is a possibility that you will be accepted. Later, if you have multiple blogs, you can also install the code of their ads, provided, you will inform them so they will activate it. If you have a blog written in Tagalog you can add it also.

       Ambient Digital needs no application sign up with their website. You need to apply with them directly. To do this, go to their website and look for their contact details and leave a message. Tell them that you want to apply as a publisher. Give a short description of your blog and of course write its url address. You can also e-mail its publishing relation manager Liza Gonzales (liza.gonzales@ambientdigitalgroup.com). If Ambient is interested in your proposal and you live in Metro Manila, it will ask you for a meet up. Like what I did, I met up their staff in Starbucks in Shangrila, Shaw Boulevard. Ma’am Liza told me the things that I need to know about Ambient Digital and after that I signed up for contract.

      So, try also your luck with Ambient Digital. I heard a lot of positive comments about this adnetwork. Hope my blog will also perform well while using their ads.  
Ms. Liza Gonzales of Ambient Digital Philippines