Atty. Ferdinand Topacio Interfered with the Fights Between Barretto Sisters

                It is only natural for a lawyer to defend his client because that is his job. But they have the right to join with the fistfight between his client and its foe? This is the question to Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, lawyer of Claudine Barretto. Marjorie annoyed at him when he posted n his Twitter account against her daughter. Atty. Topacio wrote that today is the Year of the Horse and also a year of daughter of Marjorie. The lawyer also wished that Gretchen and Marjorie were the right persons killed online; not Claudine.

                The statement of Atty. Topacio made Marjorie furious. She is questioning the unethical attitude of the lawyer. Why he is joining in the fight of Barretto sisters. Is he a part of their family? She suggested to Atty. Topacio that he should look at the mirror; for he is not a cute guy. Of course, Claudine defended her lawyer. She said that it seems that her sister giving malicious to her closeness with Atty. Topacio. She insisted that the lawyer will never be a part of their family. What they have is just a client-lawyer relationship only, nothing else. Besides that, Atty. Tapocio is a married man.

                It seems that Atty. Topacio wants to enter in the showbiz industry. He was becoming popular when he put his hands to his ears when Sen. Miriam Santiago reprimanded him during a Senate hearing. After that incident, Atty. Topacio was featured in many TV shows until he became a lawyer of Claudine Baretto. His love story also was dramatized in Wagas of Channel 11. But what if Atty. Topacio becomes a showbiz personality, what would be his niche? A comedian or he can do a TV show like “Kung May Katuwiran, Ipaglaban Mo”? What do you think?

                For other people, Atty. Topacio might a great lawyer. Although Claudine is his client, it is not appropriate for him to join to the word wars of the Barretto sisters. Is he is trying to please Claudine? That is a war between the girls. They suggest that he should stop from being over talkative if he don’t want to be called a gay.