The Teeth Reunion Concert

                Do you still remember the Teeth band? If you’re grown up in 90’s and you’re into rock music, it is impossible that you don’t know them. They are the band behind the songs like Prinsesa and the national anthem of alcohol drinkers which is Laklak. Their songs are already a classic in OPM and became favorite choices of videoke singers out there. Why not? Their lyrics are very powerful and it has a different style.

                If you also remember, their vocalist Glenn Jacinto was suffering in leukemia, but miracle happened; he was recovered from that illness and continued his career as a musician. People noticed that their lyrics were not too aggressive compare to their first album. That was the time when their song “Shooting Star” was created and another love song entitled “Tampo”. 

                It’s been a long time since the Teeth were disbanded. After their long silence or absence in Pinoy rock scene. They are having a reunion concert that will be held at Metro Tent in Metro Walk, Pasig City on May 15, 2014. This will be your chance to see them performing live. Maybe this is a once in a lifetime event. After this, we don’t know if they will conduct another reunion concert in the near future.  

                The Teeth were one of my favorite bands when I was a high school student. Before they entered into mainstream music scene they were first heard in defunct LA 105.9. Alternative bands like them became in demand during 90’s. Their song speaks for the youth that’s why their songs were full of angst and very rebellious in nature. Aside from Prinsesa and Laklak, I also like their other songs like “Stokwa” and “Galit sa Mundo”. I already watched a live performance of this band and I can say that they are one of the most energetic bands in Pinoy rock history. They really rocked the crowd with their songs. When Glenn sang Galit sa Mundo in Cainta Gym, he added a naughty line with his lyrics. After he sang ‘Sawa ka na ba sa buhay mo?”, he shouted to the crowd, “Ito, laruin mo titi ko!”

             Let us see how the Teeth will bite us through their music!