The Legal Wife Made Filipino Men Furious

  The Legal Wife, a teleseye of  Kapamilya Network becomes a trending or talk of a town today. The stars of that show are Angel Locsin (Monica), Jerico Rosales (Adrian) and Maja Salvador (Nicole). This story is about betrayal over friendship. Monica and Nicole are best friends and they only love one man. Adrian is a husband of Monica in this drama. The scene has full of secret love affair of the antagonists until it will be discovered by the true wife.

                The mistress factor in this story gives tension to the viewer.  Because of this tele-drama, many people became affected. They said that they could relate to the scenario. We can’t deny that is also happening in real life. Some of us became a victim of a broken family because our father left us on behalf of their mistress. This was also happened to our friends, relatives or to our neighbors . They were betrayed by their boyfriend or by their husband. Even they gave all what they had with their partner, the prize they got  was still bitter tears.

                The Legal Wife show made Filipino men furious because of its theme. Their initial reaction was really dissapointing because they felt that men describes as a womanizer, traitor or call what ever you want. They said that since their partners watching this drama series they are becoming more suspicious than before. Their partner gives a wrong interpretation about their actions, although they don’t do anything bad against their partner. Filipino men blame this behavior of their partner to the said TV show. You will read it to their Facebook status,saying that they really hate Legal Wife. And they wish that it must be ended right away. They are also asking if Kapamilya Channel would also do a TV series entitled The Legal Husband? And of course, some of Filipino men are guilty because they are also betraying their partner. But this is just a TV show and it don’t have an impact to their lifestyle. These reactions of men are very contrary to the reactions of our women. They said that they really love this show and excited to watch it every night.  

                But having a mistress is not a new issue anymore. So, there is no newer about this tele drama portraying by the Kapamilya stars. But we know that Filipinos are very emotional people that is why drama series are still famous until now. This has been a part of our culture from now and then. What makes unique with this drama series?  Maybe because of Angel Locsion or Jericho Rosales.  We are not really sure, all we knew that Legal Wife is a monster hit in Television nowadays.