Pacquiao Won over Bradley!

                Manny Pacquiao known as Pambansang Kamao or People’s Champ of the Philippines won in a boxing rematch entitled Vindication. He defeated Timothy Bradley by unanimous decision. The fight between the two boxers last for 12 rounds. It was held at MGM Grand Garden in Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13, 2014.

               If we remember, last year, Pacquiao was defeated by Bradley also in a unanimous decision. But for Pacquio he was the real winner in that match. That’s why he asked for a rematch to prove that he can defeat Bradley. Now, as what the title of their fight, he is really vindicated because he became a champion. Although other people said that he is not stronger as before. Beside that he was already losing two times in his three fights. But as what he had seen, Pacquiao is still tough, although he can’t knock down his foe.

           After this fight, what’s next for Pacquiao? Would Floyd Mayweather accept his challenge to do a fight? Or he will listen to the advice of his beloved mommy Dionisia that he should resign in boxing and face as a politician and a businessman? But for now, Filipinos must celebrate this success in his boxing career. He proved that even he is getting older; he can give a good fight. Hope that there is no negative issue will be thrown to him. Like what the BIR did after his last fight that they did a shameful campaign for Manny for saying that he is not paying taxes to the government.