iBlog 10: A Celebration of Philippine Blogging Scene

       iBlog 10 is a two-day blogging summit held at Malcom Theater, UP College of Law. It was attended by many bloggers from all over the country. This was evidence that Pinoy bloggers are still alive and kicking. It was sponsored by GMA Network, Vibal Publishing, Sky Cable and PLDT. Unfortunately I was only attended on its second day for personal reason. But it was still fulfilling because I became a part of this important event in blogging scène.

                            GMA Network
                            Vibal Publishing


        The whole day of the said event was full of fun and learning. The first speaker was Ivan Stewart Salevejo who discussed about the rise of Philippine sports blogging. According to him, the sports in our country become alive because of the emergence of volleyball and football. Aside from that, PBA was also back to its limelight. He was also predicted that many sport fans will become a blogger to give reactions or an analysis about their favorite games.
Ivan Salvejo

               After Ivan, Jayson Bagio discussed about the importance of backlingking.  He insisted that as a blogger, we need to work very well with our blog content because this will be our asset to gain more traffics. But we need to reach out if we want to get more backlinks. Join in bloggers community groups on the Internet for they know that we exist.

                Then, the next speaker is Dr. Bien Nillos. He said that professionals may also blog. For him, maybe a doctor don’t have a best handwritten in the world. But they are a natural narrative person or story teller. Because in every day of their lives; they always write a report either it is in meeting or patient’s report. They have many stories to tell. They can educate the readers on the internet about their expertise. But he said that they are not allowed to advertise any products in their blog. And they can’t disclose any information about the condition of their patients because it was mandated by the law.  Dr. Michael was a barrio doctor and has an advocate to help from the poor of the poorest.
Jayson Bagio

                The next speakers are batch of tecnopreurs. The first who talked was Mr. Genesis Reunico. He discussed about his journey as a digital marketer. At first, he knew that he is not good at writing; he is only good in speaking. But it was not a hindrance to put up a blog. But it was not easy as ABC because there were many setbacks on his way before he reached his goal. As of now, he is helping other people through his online job agency. While, for Mr. Sonnie Santos, the owner of asksonnie.com, also a digital marketer the blog is a vehicle to show what your skills are. Because of his blog he being offered a 6 digit salary. Also, through his blog, he is helping other people through offering his services which are improving personality development of a company or employees. Then, Mrs. Vanj Padilla discussed about her experience how she used the power of the internet. From this, she put up her online media company. One of their clients is their municipal government and one of their projects was covering the Palarong Pambansa held in their province. She told that she worried because their system was bugged down because it was visited by 4 million users. But their Mayor told her that was a good problem and after 8 hours they fixed the problem. But she did not contented for being an online media. Now, she has also two newspapers featuring interesting topics about their province. Vanj admitted that she is a workaholic person, but she is happy for what she does.
Genesis  Reunico

                In the afternoon session, Hawie Severino of GMA 7 shared his experience as a broadcaster and how the traditional media affected through the advent of the digital age. However, they made an adjustment for those changes. According to him, any one of us can be a citizen journalist through the help of the internet. As a part of giant TV network, they are also gathering information from ordinary people. And before they report, they validate it first. We knew that not all the information that we get from the internet are true; some of them are hoaxes.
Fawie Severino

               After Hawie, the other speakers are Lance Llanora who discussed about crowdsourcing, social media, and its impact on business. Next to her was the Fil-Am guy Christian Blanquera of StartPh.com who tackled about mentoring entrepreneurs through blogging and social media. If you want to start your own business or expand your network, you can consult him.

                Mr. Ruben Lisora Jr., president of Cebu Bloggers Society shared his experience how their group works in their province. For him, maintaining a group with 53 members is not easy. Because they are cooperative they become successful in every activity they are conducting. He said, to get the trust of sponsors; the association must be credible and has a great impact in the community. To expand their influence, they also made an allied from Manila based bloggers.
Cebu Bloggers Society

                Second to the last speaker was Atty. JJ Disini. He discussed about the implication to the bloggers about the new passed Cyber Crime Law. He made a joke that it is a Sotto Bill Law. He elaborated the pro and con of that law. For him, it has also a good side, but of course it has a bad side especially the libel case with it. Influential personalities could use this against to stop their critics from attacking them. In other side, he also explained that if a person is a public property like actors and politicians and become a victim of bullying on the internet they can’t complain about their privacy rights.

                The last speaker was Janet Toral, one of the organizers of I-Blog 10 and owner of digitalfilipino.com. She discussed the 20 years of internet in the Philippines. Aside from that, she remembered how Iblog started and now some of their attendees became successful to their different blog niches. But there are also some bloggers who already stopped from blogging. She predicted that in the future, there are many people who will become a blogger. But never mind about that. According to her, don’t treat other bloggers as a competitor instead treat every one of us as a friend.  She also told that bloggers are the history maker of the internet. And she insisted that blogging is not already dead; it is only innovating. I believe in her because there are so many active bloggers on the internet. And of course, many of them are Pinoy bloggers. And if you’re one of the attendees of I-blog 10, you saw that Malcom Theater was a jump packed.

            The last part of the event did raffle, and the prizes were Game of Throne toys, Samsung tab, t-shirt, etc. I am so lucky because I won, not in the raffle, but to the contest that who ever show first the picture of the speaker will accept a grocery pack. Thanks, I left the memory card of my camera in our house. What I used was the memory card of my recorder. It was easy to browse the pictures because it had no other contents other than the pictures from iBlog 10.