Videoke, Blessing or a Curse?

       Singing through the videoke is a favorite pasttime of Filipinos. Wherever you go, you will find videoke machines, whether in the malls, bars and small communities. It seems that a gathering is incomplete without this equipment. It does not matter if there is a celebration or just an ordinary day. Well, it is not surprising anymore because Filipinos love to sing even on stage, bathroom or anywhere we wanted.
      Yes, through singing we can express our emotions. Are you in love, hopelessly romantic, sad, happy or what? For sure, there is a song that fit your feelings. That is why videoke is an outlet to release the words we cannot express. It is not good for us if we always keep our thoughts to ourselves. At least, you become a singer for a while in front of a few audience. Also, because of videoke, gatherings become livelier. Every one has a chance to sing. You can choose any song from the song book and sing your heart out.

      The good thing, when you have a golden voice and someone records your performance and uploads it on YouTube, there is a possibility that you will be discovered by netizens and the media. Who knows, Ellen De Generes will also notice your performance and invite you to guest in her show like what happened to Zendee Tenerife. Because of videoke, she became a star! Sorry, if my imagination is getting wilder and louder as the volume of videoke.
      But hey, before you get totally entertained with my essay, I know, not all people are happy with videoke although sometimes they also use it if there is an occasion. There are many times when videoke singing makes them feel sick. We know that in every community, we have neighbors who love to sing in videoke. Their hobby is to make some noise through their creepy voices. They cannot control themselves from singing loud even in the midst of the night, without thinking that there are other people who cannot sleep because of them. I hope there is no videoke singer who will be killed because of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

      I heard that there is a law proposal in Congress wanting to prohibit videokes in the country. I am not sure if the author of said bill would like to totally stop using videoke or he only wants to regulate it. For me, it is better if it should be regulated. Sing with the videoke only in the mall, bar, resort and any private place away from residential areas.

     Somebody may argue that they are only singing and not hurting anyone. Maybe, they are only enjoying. But how about those people around them? Are they happy to hear them sing off-key on a daily basis? Oh, come on, it is so irritating because it is already noise pollution! Things get worse when affected neighbors complain to the barangay.

    So, now, is videoke, a blessing or a curse? Well, it depends on where and how we use this one-of-a-kind machine.