Kontento ka na ba sa Kaperahan Mo?: A Book That Guide to Financial Freedom

This book by husband and wife team Vic and Evelyn Garcia reflects the lives of many Filipino people. After they get their salary, nothing is left. An even worse thing is, before they receive their next paycheck, they are in debt and would use the salary to pay off their obligations. Some even pawn their ATM card to the lender. Do you always lack money and had been debt-trapped already? If yes, this book is for you. Based on the title of the book, you will have an idea what it is all about. The authors will teach and guide you on how to properly manage your finances.

The authors share their insights about money matters in a funny but direct to the point way. Once in their lives, they also experienced hardships because they were embedded in debt. But through their faith to the Almighty God and with their perseverance, they arranged their financial status. The tips in this book are very practical and easy to read and understand.

According to them, money management is very important because if you don’t know how to handle money, your life will become miserable. Some people have already knowledge on financial planning but the problem is, they don’t know how to use that knowledge. It is because they lack action and discipline. We know that money is a big issue in many aspects of our lives. Without it, many relationships had been ruined, that is why we need to solve our money problems.

The book emphasizes the importance of saving. At least, 20% of our monthly income will be saved. Always remember that you need to invest before you expend. Do this during your career years so, when you reach your retirement years you have a substantial savings for yourself.  When you are gone, you will leave your loved ones wealth, not only memories.

 The authors believe that we should live below our means and not according to the popular saying which is ‘live within our means’. How about when we need money for emergency and we do not have any savings? If we would only rely on that saying, our only solution is to ask help from our relatives, friends and institutions. The authors advise that we should be balanced in terms of expending our earnings. Buy only necessary things, not because we want them only. As long as you rely on other people to solve your money problems, your expenses will become bigger in the long run. It only means that you should not be problematic anytime. Do not care for brands or about the image you want to portray when you buy a product. By doing this, we can save money.