Earn Money Through Hoteltravel.com Affiliate Program

                 If you’re a travel blogger or just a blogger who already featured many different places. Why don’t you try your luck and be affiliated partner of hoteltravel.com. According to them, they are features unrivaled hotel selection available at the lowest guaranteed in every country and destination on the planet. They are looking for partners who are willing to display their banner in a blog. All you have to do is sign up to their site. And after you sign up, choose the banner size you want. Select your country and targeted hotel destination. Then, get the code and apply it to your blog. My advice is at least get three banners and locate it in good position. Just wait for a few hours for you to know what is the status of your application. If you’re not pass, they will say the possible reason why they rejected your blog. Your blog is not related to travel; you have a duplicate content, etc. Don’t log in into your account because they already closed it. But if you’re lucky, they will congratulate and welcoming you as their new partner.

                By the way, what is the benefit of being an affiliate partner of hoteltravel.com? They will give you 200 bonus for one year. It will be divided into 12 months. So, every month, you have 16.66 dollars from them. Not bad at all. You don’t need to wait for someone to click your ads. The good thing, if  you get clicks, they will pay you 10 cents per click. And if there is someone who book in a hotel through your blog you’ll get a commission. Don’t get me wrong, the 200 bonus is not a lifetime. This is only good for one year. But the 10 cents per click and commission is continuous. You can put their ads in multiple blogs of yours, but you can’t make a multiple accounts at hoteltravel.com.

                My other advice is write at least 10 travel articles before you sign up with them. The truth is I was rejected at my first attempt. But I made a travel blog and I've got their approval. As of now, they are not strict about the age and the traffic of the blog. As long as your blog fits to their taste you’ll get their approval. This offer is a great opportunity for every blogger who loves to write about their travel adventures. Hoteltravel.com is the one and only agency that gives bonus. Other affiliate marketers are only giving commission and per click policy.