The Glory Days of PhilPost

mail man
Do you still remember the time when writing letters and sending them through the post office were popular? Every day, thousands of letters are being sent, even from far-flung areas abroad. The fastest way to send a message was through the telegram. It was the old version of texting or short messaging system (SMS). Technology really changed the way we communicate with our friends, relatives and loved ones. Maybe the young people of today did not experience to send a letter through the post office, because we now live in an instant and fast-changing world. We are always in a hurry in everything we do.  Why would they bother to do a traditional thing if there is a modern way of writing a message through text and email plus the chat feature in Facebook, YM, or Viber, etc.?

             Others said that when you write a letter, it is more personal because you made an effort to express yourself. It seems that your wholeness as a human being is there because of your penmanship and signature, as compared with the modern way of writing, which is shorter and done through electronic or digital means. Messages sent through SMS and e-mails may be edited and deleted faster, while old-fashioned letters can be kept very well, for sentimental reasons.

             The good thing is, post offices are still there despite the advent of technology and courier services and forwarding companies. At least, there are still people who avail the services of the postal office, because not all places in the Philippines have internet connection and cell sites. Or maybe, they want to lessen their expenses when sending packages and documents. The post office’s charge is cheaper than a courier company's. However, do not expect that they can give an express delivery.

             If you want to see the national post office, visit the Manila Central Post Office in Lawton, Manila. It was built in 1926 and severely damaged during World War II. It was rebuilt in 1946 and has maintained its original neoclassical design. Sometimes it has stamp collection exhibits where you will see some unique stamp designs. If you are a collector, you may ask if they have limited editions or commemorative stamps. May I also mention that my late father worked there as a postman or letter carrier, that is why I am very familiar with this place.

stamp collection

stamp collections

             To be honest, I was one of those people who love to write letters. I had some pen pals during that time. I got their names from the pen pal corner of songhits magazines, though I never met any of them personally. It took four days to one week before my letter is received by the recipient, and I counted the days when I will receive the answer to my letter. Yes, it is true that it was so painstaking to wait for too long. But the thrill was there but you need an extra patience.  I was so excited to hear what is new about their lives, like having a boyfriend, etc. I also waited if they will send their beautiful pictures to me. If I like the picture, I will keep it in my wallet or in my photo album. LOL.

             Today, you can see the picture of your friend, prospect or love interest in Facebook. You could be a stalker if you want. But please, do not be deceive by the picture alone. Remember, camera 360 and Adobe Photoshop is widely used by others to enhance their pictures. It is better to have a cam to cam or request for an eyeball. But if you’re a girl, be careful. Maybe you know what I mean.

             Like other things in the past, it is good to relieve the memory of letter writing. It maybe a lost art, but the memory of its glory days is still in my head that is why I blogged it!