Pinoy Newsbook: Not Your Usual Tabloid

Randy Barnuevo, the publisher of Pinoy Newsbook, was my former co-writer in Rizal Weekly Post. He started as a reporter until he was promoted as Editor-in-Chief. From there on, I observed that Randy was very hands-on and dedicated to his job as a journalist. He also has a genuine concern for his co-workers.

After resigning from RWP, he worked for a PR company in Makati. He was not happy with his new job so after a few months, he left it. But it was while working in the PR company where he was able to observe a layout artist’s job. From observation, he learned how to lay-out a newspaper. He used this skill when there is no available layout artist. In doing so, he has overall control over his newspaper and at the same time lessen his budget.

At first, Randy was only using Facebook as an outlet for his journalistic skills. He wrote some news articles and posted them to share with his friends. He then realized that, why not make a real newspaper instead of just writing in social media? He believed that he can do it because he already knew how a newspaper works. All he needed to do is apply his knowledge. Because of the popularity of Facebook, he connected it with the name of his newspaper. He also used the color blue in Pinoy Newsbook’s logo to associate it with Facebook. Randy said that he was also inspired by one of my books (Adik sa Facebook). I am not sure if he was only joking when he said that. If it is true, thank you for that, buddy. It is a compliment for me. By the way, I also write social commentaries in Pinoy Newsbook. The title of my column is Weh ‘Di Nga!
What is the difference of Pinoy Newsbook from other tabloids in the market? First, it is not your usual tabloid because it has a bigger size. And, of course, it is also a reliable source of information. It is not only circulated in Rizal but in Metro Manila as well.

For Randy, publishing a newspaper is not for business or profits alone. Newspaper publishing is also made for public service. Aside from delivering news and current events, Pinoy Newsbook also extends help to the less fortunate, not only during calamities. They will continue to help as long there are sponsors who are willing to support their advocacy. I witnessed the generosity of Randy and his wife when they conducted our year end party last Jan. 1, 2014. They fed and gave gifts to some poor children and families. They are doing this to share their blessings from Above.

pinoy newsbook
Randy Barnuevo while giving gift

 There is a possibility that Pinoy Newsbook will expand its horizon. Randy has a plan to put an online version of his newspaper. That would be good because they will also reach the info-savvy people who do not read newspapers. They are also planning create a forum that tackles any social issues or topics that are timely, which forum will be televised. Goodluck, Pinoy Newsbook team!
Pinoy Newsbook Team