World Gamefowl Expo Beauties (Part 1)

                The 4th World Gamefowl Expo has been successful. It was a 3-day event (Jan. 17-19) held at the World Trade center back-to-back with World Pigeon Expo. It was organinized by World Exco and PitGames Media Inc. Thousand of gamefowl and pigeon afficionados  were attended in that said event. It was very enjoyable because there was a lot of companies participated to showcase their products and services. And a lot of prizes were given to the lucky winners.  There were also many popular breeders sold their bloodlines. For sure, every attendee went home with a smile because of their happy experience. And they  will  wait again for another expo.

                However, it was not only about gamefowl and pigeon, but also about beautiful girls as well. Almost  every company hired models to assist their costumers and to represent their products. It seems they were like celebrities because people took a picture with them. What a beautiful token of remembrance! They were all glamorous and fantastic at their dress. Of course, every model has their own charm. Even kids attracted to them because I saw some parents took a picture their son with the model.  Aside from models, there were also dancers performed on the stage to entertain the audience. I want to congratulate all of you girls for the good job.

                So, this is it! Here are the pictures of some of the models during the Expo, taken by yours truly.
Anj Baylon

Ricaline Gailas

Nich Geronimo

Rene Fajardo

Julyne Dandan

Aisah Alejo Reyes

Doria Cladia

Keith Alden

Lhein de Guzman

Kathy Estopin

RA Garcia

Shyrmain Macaso

Jyra Barroga

Hyza Madrid