Meg Imperial: The Rise of an Actress

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Meg Imperial as FHM model

     Do you  know Meg Imperial? Of course, if you watch the Kapamilya Channel, you may be already familiar with her. Maybe, you are also a fan of hers. We cannot deny the truth that Meg is popular right now, with more than 200k fans in Facebook. Truly young and beautiful, with a sexy body. That is why I am not surprised anymore when she became an FHM cover girl.

                But do you know where she came from? Her real name is Grace; Meg is only her screen name. She is a resident of Taytay, Rizal. I remember, she was 10 or 11 years old when I met her in an acting workshop class somewhere in Antipolo City. I was a college student during that time. Did I also dream to be an actor? Yes, but maybe a character actor, not a lead star. It was only an accident when I enrolled in that workshop; but that is another story. Let us focus on Meg. Our mentors were Direk Jun Romero, an assistant movie director during the height of action films in the 80’s, and Direk Orly Aquino, a veteran comics/script writer. These guys taught us many things: from memorizing and interpreting the dialogues or how we put ourselves in a scene.

                We were only 8-10 students in that class if I am not mistaken and underwent 20 sessions. Because we were only few, I was always partnered with Meg. Sometimes I act as her brother or friend. Even then, she was very serious with her acting - an evidence that she was eager to learn. She always gave her best. As what I observed, she delivered exactly the dialogues and internalized very well the character that she was portraying. Like other brilliant actresses, it is easy for her to let the tears flow from her eyes. When she acts, it seems very natural. Even without any dialogue, you can see in her facial expressions the emotion that the director want to express.
                Her Mommy Rose and Daddy Lester were very supportive to her. I always talked with Kuya Lester before or after the class. I can say that Meg’s daddy was very cool and a down-to-earth person. Oh, Meg’s dad is a mestizo and have a foreign blood that is why Meg is also a mestiza. Even her mom was very kind and a nice person. Maybe aside from genuine talent,  having supportive parents is one of the major reasons for Meg’s success.

                During those times, our mentor also tied up with a priest in Antipolo. They planned to make a TV program, but unfortunately it did not materialize due to lack of funds. Before that, they hired Cherry Pie Picachie and Rez Cortez. Meg acted as a daughter of Rez. The veteran actor was impressed with Meg’s acting. If you will ask about my role, well, I was just one of the kidnapper in one episode. I had a picture with Meg that day but it was faded already (digital pictures are not yet popular). If I only knew that Meg will become a famous actress I will keep our picture well.

                When the acting workshop ended, my ambition to be a star also ended. Instead, I focused on my studies. After graduating from college and became a writer, I never heard any news about Meg. First, she became a model and gradually she entered the showbiz industry. She became a talent of Angel Locsin’s former manager, Becky Aguila. When I became a tabloid writer, I approached the parents of Meg so I can make a write up about her. Unfortunately it did not materialize because the tabloid where I contribute articles shut down its operation. Then, I learned that Meg became a talent of ABC 5. After that she became a freelance actress before she became a Kapamilya star.

                When I heard that Meg will have a movie, I was excited to watch it. January 2013 when she was launched in her first movie (Menod de Edad). When I watched it, I said to myself that Meg  has fully developed as an actress. I wish that more movies and teleseryes will come for her. I never imagined that Meg will become a big star like what she is right now. But she only reap what she sown. Her life is an inspiration for us that if you have a dream, do not stop from pursuing until you get it.
Meg Imperial