Karen Bordador: Beauty With Many Talents

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When you hear the name Karen Bordador, what comes first into your mind? Her name sounds like burador  or eraser. Yeah, she will erase the misconception of others that models are just for display. They also have talents that they can showcase. Like Karen, aside from being a model, she is also a DJ in an FM station and a host in Flippish.com, a popular internet TV. But wait, there’s more... she is also a columnist in Kristn.com, a lifestyle site under TV 5. She writes articles about women empowerment.

According to Karen, it was only an accident why she became a host. She was in an event when the organizer called her to come up to the stage to do hosting. She only replaced the original host who was absent. At first, she felt nervous but since it is natural for her to be talkative, she accepted her on-the-spot assignment. From there on, she did a lot of hosting jobs until she became a host in Flippish.com. She is the kind of person who is very adventurous because she wants to try new things, and because of this she discovered her other talents.

The beauty of Karen Bordador shows the beauty of a true Filipina. Her brown complexion compliments her body features. She is slim but totally sexy. She has sexy lips and tantalizing eyes. Any man out there would like her. But do you know, when Karen was still a student she had a low self-esteem and she never dreamt of becoming a model. Her skin is dark as compared with any mestiza model. However, she conquered all her doubts about herself and, look at her now, she became an FHM model. Who says that morenas have no right to be a model? Remember, Tetchie Agbayani during her heyday?

Karen‘s advice to everyone who want to be like her? Believe in yourself, love what you have and nurture it, because in the end you could benefit from it. And, of course, be proud to be a morena!
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