Intramuros: A Historical Place to Visit


     Intramuros, or “inside the walls”, is a great venue if you want to go back to the Spanish era.  There are many old buildings in this place. Some are still intact but there are also ruined ones like the Aduana Building. You’ll see a lot of officers wearing guardia civil uniforms roaming around Intramuros. Aside from them, there are also a few Katipuneros out there wearing red pants. If you want to fully experience the old times, a calesa is available for you to ride.  The presence of fastfood restaurants or modern establishments here does not affect the wholeness of Intramuros as a place reflecting the atmosphere of old century. This place shows our rich culture and reminds us of our roots. I am not surprised anymore if you can find here the office of the National Commission of Culture and the Arts.


                 Of course, if you are in Intramuros, do not forget to visit Fort Santiago, a 16th century military defense structure. It served as a prison cell of our patriotic soldiers, including our national Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

                     The park in Fort Santiago is a very relaxing place. Its beautiful landscape makes me wonder. I love the green pasture because it is cool in the eyes.  At the park, you can also see some black statues, a replica of Rizal and the Spanish priests. If you will go to the CR, you will learn that the Spanish word for women is damas while for men is caballeros. Hmm, it sounds good. Inside Fort Santiago there is also a ruined open air theater which is suitable for weddings and other events. An entertainment area inside a military prison?


Before you reach the prison cell, you will walk through a bridge where the underwater is a dead river. According to history, a lot of martyrs died in the dungeon there. Just imagine what kind of cruelty they suffered in the hands of the enemies. But the dungeon now is locked and full of algae, that is why you cannot go down the basement to see what’s inside it. All you have to do is look down.
               You can also view the Pasig River from the back of Fort Santiago, behind the dungeon and Rizal Filipiniana. I asked myself whether there was any prisoner who jumped into the river and escaped. If there was, for sure he was caught or shot by the guardia civil. Fuego!

                In Rizal Filipiniana, you will find the memorabilia of Dr. Jose Rizal. Before you go inside the museum, the statue of Rizal will greet you and the guard will remind you that you can take a picture but please do not use flash because it may affect the Rizal exhibit. So, follow the rules if you do not want to be led outside. If you are a foreigner, the guard will ask your nationality and you need to log your name. Inside the place you can see clothes, furniture, books and even the genealogy of Rizal. From his things, you can see that Rizal do not belong to an ordinary family.
                 If you love history, come on, visit Intramuros and be transformed to the Spanish era. I am sure you will also appreciate this place.