Azrael Coladilla: From Being an Emo to a Blog Guru

Azrael Coladilla, a blog guru

             You are not a blogger if you do not know who Azrael Coladilla of Cavite City is. He is one of the leading bloggers in our country, specially in pop culture. He is the man behind azraelmerryland.blogspot.com. He had been featured in television and broadsheet.
                A decade ago, Azrael did not know what a blog is. It was his friends who convinced him to make a blog. At first, he was hesitant because he nothing knew about the technical aspects of the internet, but he tried it, and the rest is history. During that time, he broke up with his girlfriend. Feeling shattered and upset, he became emotional. His friends, intrigued, kept on asking about the reason of the break up. To stop any questions about their lost relationship, Azrael blogged about his feelings. After that, blogging for him became a lifestyle. He was surprised about the many positive feedbacks from the visitors of his blog. Some of them even became his loyal readers.

             It took Azrael one year before he earned money from Google Adsense. Due to his efforts, his earnings became bigger as months go by. However, lately he already took away Google Adsense from his blog because he targeted direct advertisers.  Because of the popularity of his blog, projects are coming in. He said that blogging gives him a lot of opportunities. Through his blog he became a web developer, photographer, videographer and event organizer. Sometimes he acts as a speaker for blogging seminars. He is doing this not only to earn money, but to inspire people as well. It seems that he is a jack-of-all-trades, not a master of none, because he excels in everything he likes to do.
Blogging, a good source of income

               Azrael does not want to reveal how much money he makes from blogging. But he gave an idea, guess...  around 50 and 100 thousand  pesos monthly! Oh, we cannott earn that amount if we are just an ordinary office worker unless we a have a high position in a company. We are working from 8 am-5 pm on a daily basis to have a regular income, while he is working at his home or writing inside a coffeshop. He always get invitation from hotel and restaurant owners to write a review about their establishments. Some companies also hire him to cover their events. One of his major clients is SM City.
                Azrael admitted that he is not perfect in terms of grammar. But we cannot deny that what he achieved through blogging is really spectacular. He advises those who want to blog not to be afraid of grammar nazis. Do not wait to be a master in English before you blog. You can improve your grammar and writing style later. Azrael does not give any attention if there are individuals who post comment trolls or nasty words to his posts. He knows that he cannot please everybody but he does not want to use his energy to fight back those who have malicious intent. All he wants is to enjoy blogging!

Things you consider before you blog