The Power of Blogging

                       Blogapalooza: Blog to Business

             Nowadays, bloggers are very influential because people read their works and believe in what they write. The internet gives equal opportunities to anyone who has the gut to express themselves and share their experiences. Many of them has different niches, depending on their interests and expertise. But there are bloggers who prefer to write random thoughts or with no specific themes. Through blogs, you can reach a wider audience because you are in the world wide web. Blogs are accessible 24 hours, round the clock as long as you have an internet connection. Aside from that, it is easy to edit or delete a post.  Compared with magazines and newspapers where what was written could not be changed anymore.

                If you are just a reader, all you can do is choose from hundreds of thousands of blogs in the internet. For me, traditional media must welcome bloggers because online writers are the new members of the press , whether they like it or not. Today, bloggers can cover big and important events. They can interview interesting personalities, like celebrities, politicians and big time businessmen. They can do this through the power of blogging. This also serves as an exposure or  publicity for public figures like them if they will be featured in a famous blog.

                 So, now, what is the  difference between bloggers and tri-media people? Nothing, but the writing outlet only. Maybe some critics will argue that bloggers are not professional writers. So what? Remember, not all traditional media people are journalism or broadcasting graduates. Some learned their craft only through observation and experience. Like what bloggers are doing, they gain knowledge through reading and practicing until they become an expert in their chosen field.

                The good thing about being a blogger is, there is a chance that you will become a brand ambassador. Many companies now trust bloggers to endorse their products because of their popularity in the internet. If you are a fashion blogger, there is a tendency that you will be modelling branded bags, jeans and clothes. Just visit some fashion and lifestyle bloggers and you will know what I mean. For example, look  at the blog of the beautiful  Enciso sisters (www.vernverniece.com).

                 If you are a food and travel blogger, there are chances that you can go to hotels and restaurants to review what their establishments have to offer. Of course, with a pay and not for free. They love to hear your opinion about their products and services. For sure, every blogger is dreaming this kind of life, far from being a corporate slave. Just read the story of Lois Yasay of www.wearesolesisters.com. She resigned from her job and chose to be a travel blogger. Know also the story of Enzo Luna of www.juanmanilaexpress.com. He is now enjoying his lifestyle as a travel blogger.  He can go wherever he wants and feature it in his blog. Because of this, he got a career as a managing editor of a new travel magazine called Adventour Asia.

                We are in a fast changing world and we must adopt with it. Just recognize the contribution of bloggers in our society, no matter how big or small. Bloggers also have a voice that need to be heard and understood. You, who is reading this article, could also be a blogger. If not, maybe you are already a blogger.