Poets Not Dead: When Poem Turns to Music

                                             The music duo- William and JunJun

          JunJun Merano and William Rodriguez II were classmates during college. During that time they were already composing songs. They tied-up when they discovered each other's talent. JunJun is a talented guitarist who can create original sound, while William has a lot of lyrics, where some of it were interpreted by JunJun. But the good thing about them, they could also sing.

      After graduation, they seperated their ways, but their love for music was still there. Their passion for creating original songs never died. They reunited themselves this year 2011 to continue what they had started.

     Their duo's name (Poets Not Dead) speaks about their undying love for poetry. They both believe that songs are derived from poems. With tune and melody, it will become a song. The lyrics of Poets Not Dead resurrected from the paper to share them to the public.

     They categorized their music as alternative, or simply as OPM. However, they are not limiting their music to one style or genre only. It could be a love song, novelty, etc. This powerful duo is good combination of a ballader and a rocker.