Memories of LA 105.9 (Home of Pinoy Alternative Music)

             Remember LA 105.9, the only FM radio station that dedicated to alternative music. If I remember, every 12 pm they played Pinoy rock. And every  Sunday they had 1 hour special countdown for the best alternative song for the week. I’m very to eager who’s made on top and I didn’t forget to put down notes. Am I fanatic? Nope, I’m just only a loyal follower of Pinoy bands.  I was rock and roll high school during that time and I used to be a punk. Without LA 105 I don’t know if I’ve been into rock music. Before that I’m a party goer because there were always had party in the sitio or barangays .
             My favorite bands were The Wuds and Philippine Violators. I also liked Dead Ends, Bad Omen, Datu’s Tribe and Wolf Gang. I named a few bands that I still remember like Re-Animator, Dead Nails, Warlock, Hard Kulangot, Kabaong ni Kamatayan, Death After Birth, Warlak, Askals, Deceased and many more. Some of them are still active in the underground scene. Maybe, they took a rest for some time and they only reunite once in a while. With Philippine Violators, Bong Espiritu is the only original member left. Like River Maya, the band is still there but the only original member is the drummer. Anyway, it is not important because the music and the brand is still there. But of course, there are bands that never stopped from playing like The Jerks. They are living legend, man. But the most rock musician that never faded is no other than Pepe Smith. Until now he still rocks our world. Of course, the music of  Juan Dela Cruz band is a classic. And it was also seldom played in LA 105.

                For whose do not know, LA 105 was the first radio station that gave a break to famous bands like Eraserheads, Siakol, Parokya ni Edgar, River Maya, Grin Department (RIP Bong Pacasio), The Youth and many more. Because of LA 205, Pinoy rock became alive and with it the band explosion began. Remember, Headbangers of Eat Bulaga? Once I also watched The Sharon Cuneta Show and can you believe what was playing in the background? It was Death Metal!? During that time also, the issue of backmasking became a hot topic. When you play a rock song backward, there was a subliminal message. But for a rock listener like me, I don’t really care. Now, you cannot play music backward because there’s no cassette tape  anymore. CDs, music downloading and internet radio are the new fads right now. But the good thing is, Pinoy rock music is still alive and kicking even if LA 105 is gone.

                I also remember that the management of LA 105 built a bar named after their their radio station. It was located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, if I am not mistaken. I already attended one of their gigs where I met a long haired guy who asking me to join him because he want to put up a death metal band. But I dropped his offer because I don’t know how to play any musical instrument and, aside from that, I can’t growl.  The Doctor, one of their DJs was there  and I shook hands with him. Now,  I read in Facebook that he is based in Baguio and is still a  DJ in one of the local radio station there. How about DJ Carla, The Ghost and other DJ’s of LA 105? Where they are now?

                Yeah, it has been more than a decade when LA 105.9 was off the air. But the memories of this rocking radio still remains because it has become a part of our music history.