How to be a Photographer?

               Gone were the days when it is hard to be a photographer, when camera and film used to be very expensive. But today, we live in a digital age where we do not need film anymore. Camera is not as expensive and is now easy to use.

                According to Ted Claudio, a photographer guru, starting a photo business is simple. You can start even without a big capital and studio. But first, you must have a knowledge of basic photography and learn different angles when taking a picture. Mr. Claudio explained that there are many kinds of photography, like street, travel, model photography, and a lot more.

                When you start your photo business, you would not have a client in an instant. Just practice taking pictures of your friends and relatives. Give them a discounted price for your service. You will be doing this to build up your portfolio. You may also apply with a veteran photographer and be an apprentice. Observe his camera techniques and copy it. Another thing is joining a photographers group and from there make a network or connection. One day, they will refer you to a client when they are loaded with their work.

                Set up also a blog and display your photos, like what Mr. Claudio did. He created a blog called wazzupphilippines.com. When you gain many hits or traffic from your blog and you have a Google Adsense, you may earn money. But you need to promote it extensively first. If you feel you are not a good writer, don’t worry. Just write a very short description about the picture you post. Of course, don’t forget to put a title or caption.When you are already a blogger, get the attention of event organizers, so they can invite you to cover their events. If they will like your work, there is a possibility that they will always hire you. It means you will increase again your portfolio.

Ted Cladio during Work at Home Pinas The Seminar
                One way also to earn money online from your photos is upload it to shutter
stock.com, istockpothography.com, flickr etc. There are companies or individuals who are looking for photos. They may use it for their website, advertising campaign and for other purposes. Make sure that you make a good agreement with your client before selling your photos. 

                Mr. Claudio suggests that you should learn also how to make a video because videos are becoming more in demand nowadays. People love watching videos rather than reading. Create entertaining or educational video like how-to's. As a photographer, sometimes you gain passes to attend concerts or celebrities' events. You can take a video of their performances and post it in Youtube. However, you need to become a Youtube partner to earn money from advertisement.

                Time will come when you will become an expert photographer. You could teach basic photography to those people who are willing learn . You can also organize model photo shoots. There are many ways to earn money from being a photographer. Aside from your relatives and friends, start practicing your photography skills during social occasions like birthdays, children's parties and school events. In time, you may shoot for weddings and company events. So, now do you want to be a photographer?