Blog Addiction

      Blogging nowadays is very popular because thousands of people around the world maintain a blog. It is like the Facebook craze that many become an addicted to it, like a vice that will never get out into our system. It seems that you have to live with it.

     This is happening because it is very enjoyable whenever you are in front of your computer and start blogging. I am saying this because this is what I feel every time I post my work into my blog. My happiness becomes full if there are people who leave their comments on my works. I don't care whether it is positive or negative. I cannot please everybody. It only means that I have an impact as a writer; and the important thing is, they gave their precious time to read my work. The excitement continues when I check if someone visits my blog. By the way, I have two blogs, the one is written in Filipino  where I write in my native tongue and the other  is written in English to reach out to foreigners. Am I a mind conqueror? Nope, I just want to be read. What will be the sense of my writing if I will never expose it? It is like the parable in the Bible where there was a man who put his lamp under the table. Nonsense, right?
         Gone were the days that you need to submit your works to newspapers, magazines, etc. before it gets published. There is no need for such effort in blogging. All you have to do is to make your blogger account. If you don't know how to do this, just ask for help from your friends who already know how to make one. You may go to free sites like Blogger.com, Worldpress.com or Live Journal.com. It depends on where you are comfortable. The important thing is, you are willing to share your thoughts to others. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur writer, a professional writer, or just a wanna-be writer! We must consider this as an alternative media because in blogging, you can express what you want as long you do not abuse the right of free expression. Meaning, you're not using the blog for bragging, excessive self-promotion, posting pornographic materials, etc.

Through the craft of blogging, you can promote what you want, or you may do this as a journal of your life. Blogging revolutionized the concept of a diary that was intended for private  reading where you write thoughts that you want to keep to yourself. You can also communicate people through the chatter box. You may gain many friends as you can by accessing the URL of other people in your blog roll. It is good if there are many links in your blog because many people can reach you. Another good thing about blogging is the possibility of earning money by placing advertisements in your sites as what other bloggers doing. There are many web sites offering opportunities for bloggers. To attract visitors in your blog, it must have a good lay out and, of course, beautiful content! We don't know if you will be the one next in line to become famous through blogging.