Are You Afraid of Piracy?

           It is so easy to pirate the work of others nowadays, whether it’s an artwork, picture, writings, etc. Just look around your surroundings and you will see many vendors selling pirated CDs. Piracy is a major reason why the music and movie industries are going down. Who can blame these vendors? This may be a negative effect of what we call technology, but it can be a real blessing in disguise for the masses because they can now afford to buy cheap entertainment.

     Through the internet you can download what you want without asking for the consent of the one who made it. Even when you use Copy Escape you cannot still avoid piracy. Remember that hackers are very clever. But will piracy be a hindrance for you to broadcast your talent? Of course not. As an artist just use the internet as your outlet to show the world that you are a talented person. Do not think first about money, just build up your name. Be exposed and be recognized! Who knows, one day you will become an internet sensation.

     You may not be aware, but many people become pirates through us because of the internet. Why? They use the internet to “steal” the work of others. They call it research but all they have to do is recycle or re-write your works. They may also copy or reproduce your whole writings but they will not include or acknowledge your name. If your work is written in English, they will translate it into their language. Some newspapers use the internet to get free pictures and articles. They do this to cut their expenses instead of paying a reporter or writer to gather news reports. It is therefore not true that online writing is killing the print media because the web is another medium by itself.
   You should accept that piracy is part of the life of an artist. If someone copies your work, it only means that they like it because it is so beautiful. They can claim that they are the one who wrote or created it but they cannot erase the truth that that piece is an original artwork of yours. If you do not want your works to be copied by others, please do not post it in the internet. Just keep it to yourself, OK. But if you do that who will care? Nobody will not see or read your works except you and the termites.

    Instead of calling it piracy, why don’t we call it sharing? The internet is a tool to share what’s in your mind. Accept it or not, we cannot monitor who steals our works. Once you posted any piece in the internet it becomes public property, right?